The David Castain Foundation (DCF) is a nonprofit organization that addresses adversity by providing charitable support to both youth and young adults in at-risk situations. Our purpose is to enlighten minds and change realities by fostering a better self-sufficient generation through empowerment, and development in underserved communities. We focus on four core initiatives including Education, Health, Social Assistance, and Restorative Justice. It is our firm belief that at-risk inner-city youth who are given the proper tools will avoid adverse challenges that hinder optimal achievement. We wish to be the liaison to success through partnerships and collaborations with other change agents, organizations, networks, coalitions, and movements that have the same dedication to the needs and endeavors of our youth. We advocate the perpetuation of self-sufficient lives within communities that are empowering, respectable, accountable, and reliable. by offering guidance, mentorship, and fundamental social and life skills, including: workplace literacy, entrepreneurship, career exploration and time management. Throughout its existence, whatever the need, DCF responds with generosity and care to bring relief and comfort to those in need. David Castain himself was once labeled as a “menace to society” as he encountered a variety of hardships as an at-risk individual growing up in a marginalized environment. Through education and social assistance, David gained the necessary resources to transform his life and reach his maximum potential. This led to the establishment of the David Castain Foundation. This is why we respond with financial (and other) assistance in selected cases involving: – Scholarships, supplies, books, workshops and other training or schooling leading to the furtherance of careers – Serious and/or long term illnesses or injuries, physical or mental disabilities, death – Unusual poverty, victims of crime, extended periods of unemployment, family separations, or any other situations or conditions that leave a person and/or family with unusual medical or personal care expenses as well as other financial hardships (This includes necessary expenses for unexpected travel during periods of distress)