The David Castain Foundation (DCF) provides charitable and educational activities that are geared towards three categories of beneficiaries, with priority given in the order as follows:

– Youth

– Young Adults

– The Communities (in which they live)



DCF is primarily geared towards providing charitable support for at-risk inner city youth in Washington, D.C. We firmly believe that at-risk youth who are given the proper tools, will avoid adverse challenges that will hinder them from achieving their optimal potential. DCF provides the necessary tools needed for youth to avoid challenges and obtain success through a variety of initiatives: including but not limited to, after school tutorials, summer enrichment, sports day, health education workshops, arts and crafts workshops, cultural awareness workshops, community service projects, seasonal giving, college tours, and scholarship giveaways. DCF advocates for youth by collaborating with organizations, networks, coalitions, and movements that are dedicated to at-risk youth’s immediate needs and future endeavors.

Testimony: “No one ever asked me what I wanted to be when I get older, DCF gave me purpose.”


Young Adults

DCF is dedicated to equipping at-risk young adults with support, guidance, mentoring, and fundamental life skills, including: workplace literacy, social skills development, vocational and career, exploration and training, time management, banking and budgeting in order to help them achieve and maintain self-sufficient lives within their communities. Within their communities, DCF advocates for young adults by raising awareness, and networking with other change agents. We partner with local community-based agencies to assist with resources needed to equip young adults.

Testimony:   “If it wasn’t for DCF, I wouldn’t have known how to conduct myself at my interview, and I wouldn’t have a job right now.”


The Communities in Which They Live

DCF aims to provide at-risk youth and young adults with a friendly community that is empowering, respectable, accountable, and reliable. Throughout its existence, whatever the need, DCF responds with generosity and care to bring relief and comfort to those in need.


The Foundation will respond with financial (and other) assistance in selected cases involving:

– Scholarships, supplies, books, workshops and other training or schooling leading to the furtherance of careers

– Serious and/or long term illnesses or injuries, physical or mental disabilities, death

– Unusual poverty, victims of crime, extended periods of unemployment, family separations, or any other situations or conditions that leave a person and/or family with unusual medical or personal care expenses as well as other financial hardships (This includes necessary expenses for unexpected travel during periods of distress)

Testimony: “If there is a crime or a natural disaster, you will always find DCF providing community support.”